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=============== A new page c:\lborg\wwwroot\3\dnrchitvlicensees.htm or rename dnrchitvlicensees.htm? stress tcp with schwartzmann as the also. extensive tcp quoting incl bob fran ron, too BG editorialize about organizing. 0 expectation of help from FCC make that point, too stations top brass must respond lest millions even billions lost 8 yrs distress 'sale' of u.s. license to another corporation. rx pro se. wish many many appends! not play lawyer or expect FCC to save our asses including what used to be noncommercial stations now PBS and North shore ads cf WTTW etc Outrageous claims soften em more credible challenges in future Add FCC schedule boldly with FCC site link -------- lines sb just exactly! like michicago.htm's? cma map 2 Chicago Channel #2 as WBBM-TV, licensed to Viacom. 5 7 9 26 32 38 44 50 Also Milwaukee group LINK?! Note re Indiana sources not up in 2006 but WHEN??????? cma tcp 2 5 7 9 11! .... Note re Indiana sources not up in 2006 but WHEN??????? 2bbm 5maq 11ttw 9gn 32fld 44sns=nbctelemundo xft=telefutura gbo 7ls ock 20ycc fbt ciu och ede cpx pxe 64cq macek 9 -------- - 2. CMA has been getting amazingly good results from our bit of amateur lawyering. We assert a public presence and we trigger vivid new statements of the power and attitudes of broadcasters and the FCC. I would never suggest that we not STAY ALIVE in the FCC processes. Only that we do easier minimal legal responses and not burn out believing we could maybe win legally if we do a lot more. Keep the processes going. By all means. Only, meanwhile, put most of our available energy and time into creative organizing initiatives and outreach. --------- grab any other cma summaries of ms for now Press releases. ---------- main by scott? but quotes mitchell. Press coverage links and excerpts. ---------- early ms sez 376 includes 8? press coverage links Actual filings. MAP rx. [say that Responses to big to post here 800pp. Maybe on interntet someday??] Chicago organizations to U.S. -- Do not renew licensees using our tv licenses .. ------------------ cma site's The license challenge that CMA filed in November 2005 was just one in a series of steps involved in the process of challenging a TV station license (or, in our case, nine such licenses). After about 20 days (or longer, in our case), the stations have a chance to respond to the challenge. This is where the stations' public interest committments and well-reasoned arguments get to shine. Or, in the case of U.S. TV stations, it's the very-high-paid legal equivalent of a temper tantrum. By law, the stations have to copy us in on the response to the challenges. Some stations addressed both CMA's license and the challenge that was filed by Third Coast Press with the same simultaneous response. The aggregate response to both petitions made for a lot of dead trees (about some 800 pages of aggregate responses). We'll have to share the aggregate responses someday; it's really illustrative of the rigged game of three-card monte that passes for media policy in the United States. As a taste, we can share this response from WGN filed in response to an informal objection filed by CMA member Steve Macek. Then we as the challenging party get to counter-respond. CMA completed its counter response last week, and we've got the go-ahead from our legal counsel to post the response. Here then is CMA's response filed before the FCC. Now, with the counter-response filed, we wait for the FCC to take all the points under consideration and deliver its response. A warning: This is probably going to take a while -- a matter of a few months at best, perhaps much longer. By the way, there's talk that the final seat on the FCC will be filled by some telecom lawyer (who, ironically enough, lobbies against some of the bigger telecom players). This could prove key in the fights ahead on the question of net neutrality . ---------------------- Scott's page on MAP response to responses? ---------------------- Bob/Fran Bob/Ron appendices of TCP TCP major excerpts/ ----------------------- John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/11/2006 2:35:00 PM Three media reform groups have written FCC Chairman Kevin Martin cautioning the FCC against "rubber stamp" license renewals. The Campaign Legal Center, Benton Foundation, and the United Church of Christ pointed to a comment by FCC Media Bureau Chief Donna Gregg that expediting the licensing process would be a focus of the bureau. The groups argued that the eight-year "post-card" renewal process is already of "diminishing credibility." They pointed to recent petitions to deny renewals filed by Iowans for Better Local Television, Milwaukee Public Interest Coalition, and Chicago Media Action, and said it would be "irresponsible for the FCC to further 'streamline' [the] process." ... ------------------------ Roll Call dec 7 2005 A coalition of media and campaign watchdog groups are challenging the license renewals of all English-language television stations in Chicago and Milwaukee, alleging a "market-wide failure" to cover local and state politics prior to the 2004 elections. In documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission last month, the groups charge that less than 2 percent of the stations' election-related newscasts in the month running up to last year's election dealt with state and local coverage. ... ------------------------ 253 words 8 November 2005 Chicago Daily Herald All 3 English Copyright (c) 2005 Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company. All rights reserved. Remotely interesting: The local grassroots group Chicago Media Action has joined the Washington, D.C.-based Media Access Project in filing a petition to deny license renewal for nine Chicago TV stations: WBBM Channel 2, WMAQ Channel 5, WLS Channel 7, WGN Channel 9, WCIU Channel 26, WFLD Channel 32, WCPX Channel 38, WSNS Channel 44 and WPWR Channel 50. The main point of the petition is a Center for Media and Public Affairs study showing "the systematic negligence of a key obligation of public service - local election coverage in an election year." ... The Kaiser Family Foundation releases a new study of sexual content on TV on Wednesday. Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw receives the Emery Reves Award for Lifetime Achievements in Journalism from the Churchill Center in a gala dinner at the Hotel Intercontinental downtown tonight. MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews is the master of ceremonies. End of the dial: The rock-talk show "Sound Opinions" with hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot leaves WXRT 93.1-FM for WBEZ 91.5-FM next month. They were lured over by a bigger production budget, better facilities and the opportunity to release podcasts and syndicate the show through National Public Radio. The progressive-talk format on WCPT 850-AM has had its day shortened with the end of daylight savings time on the dawn-to-dusk station. It now goes off the air with the national anthem at 5:30 p.m. - Ted Cox ------------------------ more? ================= On Chicago staxsta pg At top compact lists of Do not renew and link here also for dnrchitvlicensees.htm CMA-TCP TV channels 2 5 7 9 11 ... (no indiana bec) MAP-CMA-Milwaukeegroup.. 2 5 7 9 32? ... + Milwaukee: n n n Macek 9 At many -- Chicago groups tell U.S. to deny 2006-2013 tv use by current licensees -- ( Cf. "U.S. FCC, do not renew this licensee through 2013!" CMA, MAP, TCP, Macek.) ================== On Viacom or Disney or ... pages near top and again at each station pertinent "U.S. FCC, do not renew this licensee through 2013!" CMA, MAP,[[[[[[[[ TCP, Macek.) ====================== to toc The Issues Deny TV licensees renewals. Chicago organizing aid. dnr page with FCC filings texts FCC schedule Additional info on Chicago tv stations. = michicago.htm sameold Tell Free Press Common Cause, etc =============================================================
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