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Trustee places ads! Betrayal of public trust.  Big leaps in commercializing our public tv license.

  Using a tax-exempt charitable foundation to buy advertising for a for-profit company is wrong.

Sara Lee's Cary McMillan

Sara Lee

Like many Trustees uses public tv license to advertise their corps. 501(c)3 nonprofit charity deception IRS

Foundation as advertising department.

Announcer simulates a little girl voice to tell us on 'Chicago Tonight',
 and our kids during the 'WTTW Kids'-branded 'PBS Kids'-branded shows

that 'Everybody loves' (the reknown Sara Lee Corporate slogan)
Sara Lee products like cheese cake and underwear 
image protection      link to jwj page or copy alot here

Hostile to workers at 
Hanes underwear factories across Mexico border

Cary McMillan