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for the autoworkers of UAW Local 325

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Dennis Gallie


UAW 34th Constitutional Convention

Election: April 18, 2006

Union Hall, 4:30am to 6:00pm


“An injury to one is an injury to all”


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An Injury to One Is An Injury To All!

A Missouri-Illinois Rank-N-File Meeting for all Auto Workers and Trade Unionists
  • Solidarity at Delphi!
  • No Concessions!
  • Team Concept: A One-Way Street!
  • Save Our Public Schools!
  • Stop the War!

Viking Restaurant and Conference Center
10709 Watson Rd
St Louis, Mo 63127

Sunday, March 26, 2006
2:00pm to 5:00pm

For current information on this event:
Go to: www.9898.us/UAWCrisis or call 314 479 6454

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Send Them a Message

Those speeches by Bill Ford and his friends were a slap in the face. Just a few weeks after they came with a concession contract to take our money and retiree health care, they were bragging to Wall Street how they made a nice profit. And in the same speech they barely mention their plans to lay off thousands of Ford workers, like it meant nothing.

We should be mad about this. We need to be mad about this. It’s time for UAW workers to start speaking up because the bosses are coming after us big-time.

GM got away with tricking people into a concession contract, and the ink wasn’t even dry before GM was talking about eliminating the Job Bank.

Ford thinks it got away with getting the contract passed, despite the suspect vote. And in those speeches, Ford bosses were talking about more sacrifices from us.

It shows that when we start giving up concessions to greedy bosses, they think they can get away with anything. The futures that we have worked for and planned for are being threatened today. These concessions will not stop until we stop them.

We can start with that contract that supposedly passed by 51 per cent. And now we are hearing that it was less than 51 per cent. Who really believed that it passed at all? We know that it wasn’t done right.

Some Ford workers have filed appeals to the UAW International to have this concession contract made null and void. Petitions to the UAW International are being circulated in support of these appeals. We need people to sign these petitions, to support the appeals and also to send Ford a message that we didn’t want these concessions and don’t even think about coming with something else.

Send petitions by 2/20/2006 to: Gary Walkowicz / 6499 Memorial / Detroit MI 48228

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A Tale of Two Cities:

  • Inside, Cobo Hall auto show
  • Outside, workers picket

“Wages, Healthcare, not to mention; we will fight to save our pension!” Autoworkers chanted this again and again, as they marched up and down the sidewalk outside Cobo Hall in Detroit. It was the Jan 8, 2006 opening day of the International Auto Show, and about 700 workers came from around the Midwest, from St Louis, Minneapolis, from New York, California, and Canada. They came to tell the American public and workers around the world about the corporate attacks on the UAW. ...  «   Read more   »

One Autoworker’s View

Dennis Gallie, January 9, 2006

I don’t know if anyone bothered to put the “Spin-o-Meter” on Henry Ford’s grave yesterday, but it probably would have registered way up in the red zone, when the rank-n-file UAW picketed the Auto Show in Detroit. In bygone days, workers didn’t know much about global corporations and cooking the books. They didn’t challenge the boss’s rights until they were near starvation. They just reacted naturally to the local situation. Eventually, they banded together into a great industrial union known as the UAW, and secured many economic gains. Today, we may have lost our labor organization to labor bureaucrats, and we have lost some of our ability to act together, but we certainly have more information about the world in which we live. What is happening in this “Information Age” is a renewed democratic self-organization of labor from the bottom up. “Soldiers of Solidarity” is an example of this self-organization. There may be a globalization of the corporations that control our paychecks, but there is now a globalization of the exploited and oppressed. ...  «   Read more   »

St Louis Ford UAW 325 Workers, VOTE NO!

Our UAW and Ford Motor Company have a contract until September 2007. We do not have to ratify a tentative agreement, because we already have an agreement. It is not our fault that healthcare costs have gone up, and this was factored into the negotiations in 2003. Vote NO to these concessions, ...  «   Read more   »

[ Click HERE for the Counter Proposal of St. Louis rank-and-file workers (MS Word .doc file).]

Do Concessions Save Jobs?

Are concessions to GM, Daimler-Chrysler, and Ford a way to save jobs?

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St Louis Auto Workers and Retirees held a

Rank-and-File meeting to discuss:

  • The Delphi bankruptcy and the work-to-rule strategy
  • General Motors retiree health-care givebacks, and 30,000 new layoffs
  • Factory occupations around the world
  • How our situation relates to workers in China, Iraq, Mexico
  • Who’s next for concessions, and what can the rank-and-file do?
We will hear from a leader of the UAW rank-and-file Delphi struggle, a veteran of the Staley struggle, several local UAW members from Ford and Daimler-Chrysler, and a former leader in Region 5.

All working people are invited - active, retired, or unemployed. The corporate media will not be permitted to attend the meeting, but we will not discourage anyone from speaking to the media before or after the event. We encourage UAW officials to attend on an equal footing with rank-and-file members

Special Feature: We will view the short historic video ’’Labor’s Turning Point’’, about the Minneapolis Teamster Strike of 1934 and about the Longshore leader Harry Bridges.

SUNDAY, December 11, 2005 at 2:00pm

American Postal Workers Union Hall
1717 S. Broadway, St Louis, Mo.

Enter the building from the parking lot on 7th street

- From the south, get off I55 at the Park Ave Exit 208 and go south on 7th street, and go about 3 blocks south, just past Soulard Market, left on Lafayette and right into the lot.

- From north St Louis, take I70 to I55 south to 7th St Exit 208 and go left on 7th, and go about 3 blocks south, just past Soulard Market, left on Lafayette and right into the lot.

- From the East side, come over the Poplar street bridge, go south on I55, to 7th St Exit 208 and go left on 7th, and go about 3 blocks south, just past Soulard Market, left on Lafayette and right into the lot.

- From the west, Take I64 (US40) to the Broadway/7th St Exit 40B, turn left on Cerre, and right on Broadway, which becomes 7th St. Proceed about 3 blocks south, just past Soulard Market, left on Lafayette and right into the lot.

What I learned in Kokomo

Dennis Gallie, Nov. 15, 2005

I went to Kokomo, Indiana last weekend, for the rank-and-file meeting of UAW workers concerned about the Delphi situation. Delphi has filed bankruptcy, and is basically asking the court to gut the healthcare and pension provisions of its UAW contract, and cut wages by 2/3, from $27 an hour to $9 or $10. UAW-Dephi workers from around the country are organizing their own fight back, and they invited any active or retired member to come and help them build a strategy.

It was both inspiring and informative, and the courage and determination of these folks is contagious. It makes you wonder what we could do if ...  «   Read more   »

Shut It Down!

Dennis Gallie, Nov. 8, 2005

  • Reject concessions on UAW healthcare

  • Reject the bankruptcy court

  • Nationalize empty plants

Voting starts today for the UAW workers at General Motors, and I’m thinking this is the "beginning of the end" for our union, as we have known it. The international leaders, and many local leaders as well, are recommending that they vote for these big concessions on healthcare. Retirees will be forced to pay over $700 per year in premiums, and active workers will lose about one dollar per hour in wages.

I work on the line at Ford’s St Louis Assembly plant, and I know that Ford has already ...  «   Read more   »

AFL-CIO says, ’Bring the Troops Home!’


In a major change of course, the AFL-CIO Convention delegates voted Tuesday afternoon, July 27, 2005, in favor of a resolution calling for a "rapid" return of all U.S. troops from Iraq. ...  «   Read more   »

National Labor Assembly For Peace, October 2003 resolutions.

Trade Unionists Launched U.S. Labor Against the War January 2003.

Ford’s Roll Out Of FPS on the St. Louis Motor Line (October 2002).