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Here's a list of what I have.....
1. Exterior Historic - 26 - from early views of Water Tower but Q can be seen. 1919 thru 1970 plus undated "modern" views.  
2. Exterior Modern - 6 - mostly aerial
3. Interior Chapel - 14 
4. Interior School - 6 - including historic library shot
5. Jubilee - 30 - .jpg pages of the 1980 book. Great historical stuff.
6. Western Architect 1921 - 9 - .jpg pages of pictures from a book
7. Misc - 3 - basketball jersey, front and back of 2005 CD. 

First 4 sets are all 48-280 KB (+ 1 at 820KB)
5 and 6 are 400-1100 KB
The 3 Misc are HUGE and not important!


The reception group 

Sunday June 10, 2012 We had 59 attendees at Mass and the dinner and 43 at the Saturday night mission party, (where we raised $475 for John Cuff and Maryknoll). That's 64 of our classmates out of 114 (56%).  Jay.

 Jay Champelli, John Apczynski Marty Moran

 Jack Lillig, Larry Ormand, Hugh Kelley, John O'Donnell,
 Pete Mazza, Fr. Bill Sheridan, Jose Acevedo, Len Amerise,
 Mike Gerharz, Frank Keller, Bob Beaven, Tom Hanrahan,
 Ed Barbier

 Jim Costello, Carl Wisniewski, Joe Voss, Frank Cihlar,
 Mike Marsden, Ron Del Ciello, Dave Van Thull, Charley Koop,
 Joe Corso, Bill Hintz, Dave De Craene, George Dobes,
 Ron (Ia)Covelli, Gus Belauskas, Jim Quirk, Charlie Tobin,
 Tony Ziak, Greg Casserly, Tom McGinlay, Don Sebek,
 Mel Krumdick, Tom Hund, Bob Gallie, Jim Reinhart,
 Ted Matuga, John Mondi, Rich Semyck, Bill Lynch,
 Jim (Ben) Herlihy, Jack Smith, Wally Aument, Stan Pasko,
 John Kiselis, Al Sikora, George Rassas, Larry Dunn,

Attended, not in the picture:
 Tom Craig, Marty Gabel, George Nordling, Gerry Riva,
 Al Schimpf, Jerry Snyder, Steve Staudenmeyer, Ted Weitzel

The Committee

Reunion Committee

Many thanks from all of us for the work done by the Committee.

Left to right. Jay Champelli, Tony Ziak, Jack Smith, Jack Lillig, Pete Mazza,
Jim (Ben) Herlihy, Bill Lynch 


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