Crew and be interviewed for internet TV, Wednesday (8/12/09), 1pm-3pm probable, at the Pilsen unemployment office, 1657 S. Blue Island, Chicago IL.
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Union of the unemployed, 193n.
  • The Issues.

  • Who.

    • - Unemployed. Those of us who need but do not now have a good full-time job.
    • - Underemployed. Those of us who --
      • - are being paid at a rate below the true value of our work and our abilities.
      • - and/or are being paid for fewer hours than we actually work or need to work.
      • - and/or are enduring bad working conditions or an unorganized workplace.
    • - Supporters of the unemployed and underemployed. Those of us who back uu organizing, whether we ourselves are currently unemployed or underemployed, or neither.
    • - VUUW activists. Helping identify organizations and leaders who can bring out numbers of the uu and supporters. Volunteering for a TV or radio interview crew. Making signs and print handouts. . . . .
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  • Visibility tactics.

    • Public plazas presence.

      Visibility; talk to each other, involve allies, motivate officials.
    • Demonstrations.

    • Media appearances.

    • Interviews

      for Internet TV (more crew members wanted). "What should the country be doing for the unemployed and underemployed?" "What are the rights of the unemployed and underemployed?" Sidewalk interviews so far have been in downtown Chicago at the State of Illinois Thompson Center building plaza, and at the Pilsen neighborhood unemployment office. More interviews will be posted soon.
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