Quigley buildingQuigley Class of '61 Renunion


I’m not sure if I am technically part of the Class of ’61, in that I left Quigley in 1960, after my fourth year. However, Quigley has always had a special place in my heart.

After Quigley, I went to DePaul for four years, receiving a BS in physics. I went on to Arizona State University for graduate school and received my doctorate in 1969. I then took a position with the University of Wisconsin campus in Manitowoc, and taught there for my whole career, with the exception of one year at the University of Idaho. I retired in 2002, but continued teaching part time until 2007. Along the way, I earned a master’s degree in computer science, and taught a range of courses in that discipline during the second half of my career.

I married my wife Judy in 1967, and we have two children. Our daughter is a professor of history at Pepperdine University in California, and our son, a Web marketer in Colorado. Judy and I continue to live in Manitowoc.

In retirement, I have taken up graphic design, typography, and printing as a hobbyist. I also am a volunteer for several organizations in our area.

Over the years since I left Quigley, I have come to appreciate the excellent education we received. Our teachers instilled in me the concepts of ethical behavior, rational thought, and love of language that have yielded great satisfaction and pleasure in my life, even though I did not attain my original goal of ordination and have diverged seriously from the religious beliefs of my younger years.