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Biography 4

By The grace of God, when I was about 22 years old, I had an experience of the oneness of all that is.  This experience was very brief but has molded the rest of my life.  It was very painful to come down from this state to ordinary consciousness.  But, I understood that, due to my spiritual immaturity, I was not able to stay in that state.

Again, by the grace of God, when I was 26 years old, my philosophical and spiritual questions were all solved, at least to my satisfaction.  The concept of reincarnation solved the problem of God’s apparent unfairness in allowing children to be tortured, killed, etc.  What one sows, one reaps (over many lifetimes).  The concept of there being only One Being solved the problem of the one and the many.  The One Being is playing a game with Itself (“a game of love,” as Saint Pio put it).  This One Being has superimposed ignorance on Itself to produce the appearance of the many.  The game is for each ignorant “being” to discover its reality (which is Eternal Being, Consciousness, and Bliss).  The concept of multiple Incarnations of God solved the problem of there being only One Savior for all beings throughout history (even the ones who were born previously to that One’s advent).  I believe God fully manifests in human form as the need arises.

Currently I live in a Hindu ashram in Hawaii.  I have a guru who is a direct disciple of One Whom I believe was an Incarnation of God.  Sri Anandamayi Ma lived in India and left her body in 1982.  I believe my guru is himself enlightened.  I am struggling to purify myself through meditation, service, etc.   I believe that everyone eventually becomes Self-Realized (which is the same as merging with the One Being, when ignorance is overcome).  I believe God can be realized through an infinite number of paths.  I wish speedy success in the spiritual life to all of my brothers from Quigley and to all “beings.”

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