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Biography -31

Father Hoffman was right … I should have listened better!!


I restarted my life-long romance with Peggy Gallagher in early 1961.  She lived in St. Barnabas … I was in Christ the King … after dating all through college (actually started in high school in 1959! … long story!!)  we got married.  Peggy went to Loretto Heights College in Denver … I visited about 6 times per year from Notre Dame – we moved permanently to Denver in 1967.  Our 4 sons and daughter (the "baby") are "natives of Colorado".  Peggy, the consummate mother, was totally absorbed with raising the kids; running liturgy at our Parishes and many school programs as a volunteer etc. etc.  I coached the boys' baseball and basketball teams for about 8 years.  Peter and Steve won the Colorado State Baseball title in 1985 … Dan won the state LaCrosse title in 1991.

·         Nancy went east to University of Villanova.

·         Mark went west to the University of Puget Sound.

·         Peter, Stephen and Dan all went to Notre Dame.


All but Peter are married – we have 10 granddaughters and 3 grandsons.

·         All are now back in Denver, except Peter who lives in Chapel Hill, North Caroliina.  All the boys have formed their own companies or partnerships in various financial professional activities (Hedge Funds, 401k Software, CPA) – Nancy has a sport shirt business … "Run Like a Mother" etc. 

As you can see family dominates our lives.


After a few years as a CPA (with Arthur Young & Company) I joined a small group in a commercial Real Estate Brokerage/Syndication Company [we would buy properties and form LTD Partnerships to own and manage the properties – great experience.]  But in 1970 I started my own Real Estate Investment, Speculation and Development Company … speculating and  rezoning land; building some houses and warehouse but mostly office buildings.  The Real Estate Business has been great – despite the typical cyclical "Boom & Bust" scenarios.  I kept playing basketball (plus softball, tennis, racquetball) until about age 40.  But golf took over in `70(s).  At the end of 1973; I joined Cherry Hills Country Club with a world class view of the Rocky Mountains and great golf tradition.  You may remember Arnold Palmer won the 1960 U.S. Open in dramatic fashion at our Club.


I play all too much golf!!  Thus I'm always nursing my "bad back" … I feel great, despite some serious health issues.



That's about it for me to date.


Hope to see some of you soon.