chapelQuigley Class of '61 Renunion


After leaving Mundelein I became a high school Latin teacher for a couple of years.

With Viet Nam heating up and my friends getting drafted, I left Chicago and joined the Air Force. Soon found myself in a missile silo near Tucson, Arizona ready to nuke the world upon Nixon's command.

Also found myself living near the University of Arizona with a car salesman for a room-mate who had a different co-ed in his bedroom every other day. It was a rude awakening for me that not everyone is Catholic, or honest, or even civil.

After four years of missile crew duty (a really boring job, it turned out), I decided to remain in the Air Force and transferred into Information Technology. Except they called it Data Automation in those days.

Wound up running the base computer branch at Andersen AFB, Guam in 1975 when refugees from Viet Nam were pouring into the muddy tent city there. It was our job to document who they were on a tape that was flown to Hawaii every day for transmission to the State Dept. It was all so exciting and so sad.

In 1976 I was transferred to the Pentagon assigned to the Defense Communications Agency in the computer center that supported the National Military Command Center. Little did I know at the time that I would spend the rest of my life in the Washington DC area.

In December, 1979 while Christmas shopping, I met Louise, the woman from Pittsburgh I would fall in love with and marry in 1981. Louise was also an IT professional, a great cook, a lot of fun, very bright, and at times a pain in the ass. I tell her the next time I get married it will be to someone not too bright who thinks I walk on water.

I retired from the Air Force in 1987, decided I wanted to be a financial planner, and became a CFP.

In 1993 everything changed. Still childless, we decided to adopt children. We traveled to Latvia with thousands of dollars strapped to our chests, and adopted Saulvedis and Eva, brother and sister, ages 6 and 5, from an orphanage in Riga. It was a fantastic journey. They are both 24 years old now.

Louise and I are both still working. We plan to retire soon, and travel to Mt. Everest and be the first to bring a Liber Usualis to its summit, or maybe just move to Pittsburgh.