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Biography -24

After he left Mundelein Seminary, he began an adventure into the corporate world working in the operations end of a retail, insurance and finally a shipping company called Sea-Land Service, Inc. where he was Director of Operations Management for many years. During this time he married Joan Proell and together produced three wonderful children, Monica, Christopher and Maura. Sea-Land transferred the Moshers to Cleveland and Cincinnati before bringing them back to Arlington Heights, Illinois.  For all the time Tom lived out of state and when he returned to Illinois, he remained involved with church and liturgy enhancement by using his guitar and singing ability to accompany various choruses or small folk ensembles.  While involved at St. James Parish, Tom became disenchanted with the corporate world and went to Roosevelt University to get a Master’s Degree in counseling.  Upon graduation, he joined the staff of St. James and worked as a family counselor. Always searching for a deeper understanding of the spiritual and ways to deepen and express his values, Tom took a great risk and went to school in California for another Master’s Degree, one in Creative Centered Spirituality. The experience in school deeply impacted Tom’s life and he became adamant about conservation, sustainability and going green. Once Tom retired, he spent much of his time taking grandchildren into forests, woods and marshes sharing his knowledge and teaching why it is important to cherish Mother Earth.

In 2009, Tom contracted bladder cancer and became a stoma patient.  Although he was doing great and had adjusted well to life without a bladder, on August 6, 2011, Tom died of a heart attack resulting from some complications with his condition.  He is survived by his wife, Joan, three children and nine grandchildren.