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Biography 15

After Quigley, my family moved downstate, so I transferred to the diocese of Springfield after our year in Niles.  The bishop sent to me to a seminary college in Little Rock, which turned out to be fortuitous for me.  They had a freshly minted batch of faculty from Louvain, Madrid, Rome, and Oxford who introduced us to the rich currents of Catholic thinking going on during the Council.  It also awoke in me a desire to learn more about this heritage.  After graduating and one year of theology at the seminary, I had a chance to work on a master’s degree in theology at the University of Dayton, and then a doctorate in philosophy of religion at McGill University (in Montreal).  In the meantime I met my wife, Elaine, so that ended my plans to return to the seminary.

            After completing my graduate studies I began teaching at St. Bonaventure University, a small, Catholic college in Western New York.  I just retired last year after forty years of teaching.  My wife and I now live near Buffalo and, in addition to visiting our son and his family in New England, enjoy the area’s rich cultural life, going to concerts, plays, and even poetry readings and lectures.  I found a parish in the old Polonia district of Buffalo where I attend Sunday mass said in Polish.  It’s an ideal situation for me: I know enough Polish to participate in the ordinary parts, but not enough to understand the sermons.  (Sorry about that; I couldn’t resist.)