chapelQuigley Class of '61 Renunion

Biography -10


Mom and DadAfter Quigley, I went through the seminary system and was ordained in 1968.

I served at two parishes in the Chicago Archdiocese...St. Albert the Great and St. Hubert's.

I left the active ministry in 1971 and married Joanne in 1972.


We have four children: Kristi, and triplets Kim, Karen and Katie.

We have 4 grandchildren.

Image 8After I left ministry I became a convention manager, having my own small pr/advertising/event management firm, then running trade associations. Once again entrepreneurship called and I "flipped houses" which caused me to be "flipped". Prior to my retirement I became a housing developer for a non-profit, then a mortgage consultant specializing in commercial lending. Due to health, I retired in 1997.



I extremely enjoyed my "dilettantish" approach to life, allowing me to a "jack of all trades tho a master of none. With some modifications it would have been more enjoyable and I would have been a master of some.

Image 10On the parish level, I am a Eucharistic Minister and was a Catechist and on the Parish Council. I was just mandated as a Minister of Care.