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Our productions document many issues of importance to workers -- issues usually ignored or distorted by the corporate media, including 'public' broadcasting. Labor Beat advocates the development of new media with a rank-and-file workers' viewpoint.

The titles and detailed descriptions here are searchable online or offline. (Tips: Search any page or list for a term of interest by using your browser's Find command. E.g., Find "Teamster", "mural", "Decatur", or "Haymarket". You can capture an entire list by using your browser's 'File' menu to save it as an html page or as a plain text document.)

The 'Newest Shows' list also includes selected older shows. Many shows and video newsclips are for sale on disks; see Videos Available below. Show lists are also on the free Labor Beat Data Disk . New shows often are first announced in news releases.

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'Videos' are those Labor Beat productions that we can offer on disk or tape to workers' organizations, schools, libraries, and individuals. These are the shows that are for sale by us.

dvd disk The newest releases are listed first. You can order DVD disks and VHS tapes of the videos by their titles and a check for 25 dollars each (15 dollars to individuals and workers' organizations) mailed to Labor Beat.

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(Disclaimer: Views expressed on linked sites and their subsequently linked sites do not necessarily reflect the views of Labor Beat or the Committee for Labor Access.)


broadcasting tower Remember that the 'spin' and even the 'facts' must always be challenged in the corporate media's coverage of Labor's issues!



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On-demand playbacks,
MON.10:00-11:00am, Labor Express
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CITIES AND TIMES [.pdf page]

Chicago, Illinois:

MON.10:00-11AM, Labor Express radio....WLUW-FM 88.7
THU..9:30-10:00PM, Labor Beat television...CABLE Ch 19
FRI...4:30- 5:00PM, Labor Beat television....CABLE Ch 19

Evanston, Illinois:

MON.10:00-11AM, Labor Express radio...WLUW-FM 88.7
MON..5:30-6:00PM, Labor Beat television....CABLE Ch 6
WED..7:00-7:30PM, Labor Beat television....CABLE Ch 6
Live studio shows on some preannounced Wednesdays!
SAT..12:30-1:00AM, Labor Beat television....CABLE Ch 6

Rockford, Illinois:

TUE..8:30-9:00PM, Labor Beat television...CABLE Ch 17

Urbana, Illinois:

SUN..4:00PM, 30 min within 60, Labor Beat...COMCAST 6

Illinois Southern Counties:

TUE..10:00-10:30PM, Labor Beat television...Charter Ch 18

St. Louis, Missouri:

MON..8:30-9:00PM, Labor Beat television...CABLE Ch 21
SAT..3:00-3:30PM, Labor Beat television.....CABLE Ch 21

Princeton, New Jersey:

TUE..11:00-11:30AM, Labor Beat television..CABLE Ch 30
FRI..1:00-1:30AM, Labor Beat television........CABLE Ch 30
SAT..7:00-7:30PM, Labor Beat television......CABLE Ch 30

Rochester, New York:

MON..7:30-8:00PM, Labor Beat television..WGCE-TV Ch 6

Other cities. Days and times vary.

Help add MORE TOWNS AND CHANNELS by volunteering to contact local tv channels and cable systems! Every TV broadcast company is vulnerable to a petition to revoke its license because it fails to serve the public interest. And every cable company is vulnerable to losing its franchise to use the public rights-of-way because it fails to allow citizens to schedule programs, as upheld for Labor in Rockford, Illinois.

Use distribution and promotion materials to reach more listeners.

There are sometimes news releases about our new shows.


NOTE: Workers organzations' donations help Labor Beat. Please request that your local, regional, or national executive committee approve sustaining contributions of 200 dollars, or grants of any amount. We are a bona fide nonprofit IRS 501(c)(3) organization. You can refer them to this web site, or ask us for a letter and appeal packet.

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"LABOR BEAT is the Chicago-based Committee for Labor Access, We advocate for rank-and-file labor's own media and produce our own labor television and radio shows and newsclips.

CLA develops and distributes progressive television, radio, videos, and Internet communications on unions and workers issues. (More than seven hundred Labor Beat television programs and Labor Express radio programs have now been produced.)"

Learn more about us. PLEASE HELP WITH OUR CURRENT FUNDRAISING APPEAL! Equipment, rent, and other expense help is needed.

Some labor-and-media documents

A past Labor Beat newsletter described how Labor Beat operates and makes our appeal for support from you and your union. Also, Your letters of commendation may help us find some grant support.

Labor Media in Chicago: Issues and Perspectives, an article by Larry Duncan, 13kb.

Newsletter archives of UPPNet, the Union Producers and Programmers Network.

Submit your own productions and clips.

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Chicago Teachers Union president and the press.New leaders for the
Chicago Teachers Union

Fighting for public education.

Republic Windows workers
at Bank of America

Workplace takeover wins all demands.

Mrs. Pat Vogel, mother of a U.S. soldier in Iraq
Chicago war protest
Mrs. Pat Vogel, mother of
a U.S. soldier in Iraq.

U.S. Labor Against the War meetingU.S. Labor Against War
National representatives

marchers.gifMarchin in the Streets
Targeted demonstrations by Detroit newspaper strikers

'Lucy Parsons' actor portrayal'The Road to Haymarket'
Events in Chicago before
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