Your Work Can Be On Labor Beat

Labor Beat is the award-winning cable television show on labor issues.
And you can submit tape segments for it.

Labor Beat is also the name of the non-profit organization that
produces the series.  Labor Beat shows always include documentary
segments on current labor issues. (Over six hundred shows are
described on our web site at the address below).

Though you need other ways to release your immediately "breaking" news,
the bimonthly Labor Beat show is a good way to make public historical
statements about workers' issues.

Labor Beat producers are seeking your video and audio tapes. Your
subjects might be, for example: demonstrations, picket line scenes,
worker interviews, workplace issue clips, bargaining and grievances,
major rally speeches, organizer/steward training, history and background,
etc. You can submit already-edited segments or raw field tapes. If you
like, you can discuss prospective segments with us beforehand.

Some production tips: Tapes do not need to be strictly "broadcast
quality" when the events covered are important. ... Although clear sound
is difficult to get, it is really necessary. Speakers' words must be
intelligible. Practice and a long cord (maybe with the microphone placed
close to a public address system loudspeaker) will help. ... A good way
to explain an issue is by doing interviews. And it helps if your
interviewer already knows the issues and has actually prepared some good
leading questions, and will listen well for points that should get further
comment. ... Sometimes, interviewing several people together can be more
interesting than isolating one individual. ... Your audio track alone may
be good for our radio show Labor Express. ... Be sure to write down the
precisely-spelled names of all of the main organizations and persons

Labor Beat's main theme is that workers must speak for ourselves with our
own media. So, your clips might include shots of yourselves as you cover
an event. Some shots should establish the overall scene, and how people
are reacting. Don't shoot just the action at the center of an event. Maybe
you can show the corporate news media's coverage is distorted.

To learn more about Labor Beat and our shows, please visit our web site.
Then contact LB producers using the email links there. Or email a producer
now by clicking here.

Our web site is: www.laborbeat.ORG.