Web page development tips and examples

Using models is an easy way to start. Remember, your computer already has ways to save copies of most any image or source text you encounter (Via your File or View menu). Usually, instead of copying source pages, you should just capture their Internet addresses, URLs, to your software's Bookmarks or Favorites list. Then you can always reconnect instead of having to find a copy on your drive.


A generic personal page.
An individual's page.
A consultant's simple business page.
An organization's page (Labor Beat).
A newspaper (Chicago Tribune. Slow loading, because highly graphical).
Some images. BG.

Technical: HTML computer document markup language

As you insert images, always include text descriptions, since come people who visit a page may be visually impaired or be using a text-only browsing mode (for fast loading or because of hardware limitations). -- Avoid background colors or graphics that may make your text difficult to read with some browsers -- .

Fonts. BG
Colors. BG
An HTML language manual. Practical. at U. of IL.
An HTML language manual. Bigger. at U. of IL.
The official HTML 4.0 specifications manual. Complete. 4.0 adds style sheets via 'HTML plus Cascaded Style Sheets.' 4.0 supports previous HTML specs, but now deprecates FONT and some other elements and attributes.
HTML-with-CSS resources (soon). Examples?.. soon.