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Some Materials for
Promotion and Distribution
PSAs, bumpers, intersticies, screenshots, lead-ins, break screens, etc.

(Ask for updates and other versions.)

Links with descriptions. Paragraphs for web pages, email, newsletters, etc. --

'Labor Beat' as a logo Labor Beat. An independent rank-and-file labor forum. Producers of labor television and radio. Advocates for labor media. A new show every two weeks and frequent special news videos. [Playback choices Play Now] [URLs --,,]

'Labor Express' as a logo Labor Express. Labor Beat's weekly radio news magazine show. Labor Express Radio worldwide webcasts are streamed Mondays at 10:00 AM via, right after 'Democracy Now!', and broadcast in Chicago over WLUW-FM-88.7. Flyer (Note: Flyer time needs updating.) Podcasts: [Playback choices Play Now] [URLs,,]

PSAs, graphic screens --


lboncantv.jpg, 1/30/10. Show times.

For the [Labor Beat / Labor Express cities]. [.pdf].

Versions: Internet Worldwide anytime [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Chicago, Illinois cable [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Evanston, Illinois cable [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Cable Ch. 6, as in Urbana, Illinois [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Cable Ch. 17, as in Rockford, Illinois [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Cable Ch. 18, as in Illinois southern counties [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Cable Ch. 22, as in Peoria, Illinois still [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Cable Ch. 21, as in St. Louis, Missouri [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ... Cable Ch. 30, as in Princeton, New Jersey [still, silent] [moving background, sound]. ...

30lbwww frame .gif

30lbwww. PSA. 30 sec. {LB} –n–

A 30-second PSA promoting the Labor Beat web site. Please use this often within your video productions and link to it on your websites.

Mins 0.5

lbstaytunedfor.jpg blueblack.jpg lbpleasestaytunedfor.jpg lbpleasestaytunedfor.jpg lbpleasestandby.jpg

lblogo-onblueblack.jpg, 1/30/10. Other screens.

Versions: [Still, silent]. [Still, silent]. [Still, silent]. [Still, silent]. [Still, silent]. [Moving background; sound].


lbstaytunedfor.jpg, 1/30/10. Stay tuned for Labor Beat. 501c3. Logo slider.

Versions: [Still, silent]. [Moving background and slider, sound.]


120lbstaytuned.avi, 1/30/10. Stay Tuned for Labor Beat. 501c3. Countdown.

Versions: [Countdown; moving background; sound]. (Two minutes maximum length. Use this COUNTDOWN LEAD-IN to pad time BEFORE a Labor Beat show or segment. It can be an intermission. And it can be a nice preshow pause that will catch many 'channel surfers' who are scanning for the next show to watch. It can be used to get an exact total length, as when planning to end broadcasts exactly on the hour or half-hour. Position or trim the countdown lead-in so that a given part of its FRONT end is not played / rendered. 150MB .avi file.)

. . . 2006JUL . . .

120lbletimeroll. PSA. 120 sec. {LB} –n–

Early draft begun. A 120-second PSA with Labor Beat and Labor Express broadcasts times currently, 20061023. Text as a full width roll. NOTE: Labor Express TIMES NEED UPDATING.

Mins 2.0

30i98cuf. PSA. 30 sec. –n–

A 30-second PSA alerting workers about the sarcastic anti-labor ads appearing on the national media networks. Corporate bosses fund the 'Center for Union Facts' ( and pay the broadcast companies.

Content: Viewers see and hear a "Union Bosses" ad and are offered a link to learn more about independent labor media. Full broadcast quality. With slate and leader. Rights: Producers and editors of pro-labor media may freely copy and adapt this PSA. We can edit the bottom text for you.

YOUR COMMENTS on this PSA are needed by the producer (email). Please include whether you think this PSA is -- Very effective, or Somewhat effective, or Ineffective, or Somewhat counterproductive, or Very counterproductive. And please include whether you think it is good for -- general TV audiences, or limited audiences, or no audiences. Thank you.

Mins 0.5

Lb LE times, ... Oct. 2006 ...

60lboncantv. PSA. 60 sec. –n–

A 60-second PSA. Labor Beat broadcast times roll up while slides from shows change quickly. Thumbnail video. 5 minutes to download via broadband internet. 25 MB. Avi file playable by Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer and other software.

Mins 1.0

Miscellaneous promotional items.

Labor Beat Data Disk.

Free disks. Handout ads. Press releases.


  • Handouts. Card-size ads as easy handouts for promoting Labor Beat and www.LaborBeat.ORG. PDF file, 10 ads per page (@ 3.25 in. x 2.00 in.) on a standard letter-size layout with big margins.

  • The Labor Beat Data Disk Labor Beat Data Disk. Full interactive catalogs and other information on a common CD computer disk. So inexpensive as to be distributable free to prospective viewers, donors, customers, and friends. Or ask a dollar to cover materials cost. If the user is online, the disk can even provide information since the disk version was burned.

  • New shows often are first announced in news releases.

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